Bitcoin Cash Meetup

Early 2016 the founder of Junub Open Space Emmanuel Lobijo (@elobijo) started the hub to provide access to space, information and skills to the fast growing innovation community and in 2018 Junub Open Space started the @EatBCH_SS feeding at the Centre as @elobijo being one of the Volunteers for the charity and the first to get it started. @elobijo through Junub Open Space and the staffs started to host the Monthly Bitcoin Cash Meet-ups and @elobijo a beneficiary of Bitcoin Cash community started the first Bitcoin Cash Powered Studio (Bitcoin Cash Studio) and a Fast Mobile Restaurant the Chapchap Hot Burger majorly focusing on spreading Bitcoin cash as sound decentralized digital Peer to peer electronic cash for the world. This Flipstarter is the first for Junub Open Space at the Bottom are some links and images from our Bitcoin Cash Meet-ups and adoption.