About us

Junub Open Space is a community based educational space geared towards peace building among youth through knowledge exposures, providing access to facilities that enhance skills and peer networks. JunubOS aims to avail platform for exploring talents and creativity makership knowledge for a resilient and self-reliant youth and children in Africa.

Nivela our Community Ambassador and My space Trainer

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow with an empowered generation of youth for sustainable development. youth who are able to produce ideas and grow lasting startups in innovation, entrepreneurship or any maker scene of their choice. through availing resources. as well as developing synergies in the creative and technology clusters by nurturing leadership in collaborating with business, research partners, value chains stakeholders, and promoting innovative value propositions plus market.

Our Vision

We believe that innovation, entrepreneurship, and workforce development are a major pathway to solving the world’s most pressing socio-economic problems thus must be considered a global emergency. We give wealth creation the same Global attention like disease epidemics, disaster relief, protection, post-conflict reconstruction, global resources need to significantly focus on such efforts.(Vision) We envision building resilient Communities and idea culture that encourage community problem-solving schemes.

Community engagement

We are innovation based development community. We are all the power of innovation through community and collaboration. Our greatest desire is to promote impact entrepreneurship and empowering ventures for transformation in South Sudan and Africa.

Formed in 2016 and March 2017 legally registered as National Non-profit organization supporting youth empowerment and innovation culture in South Sudan, JunubOS operates on an open learning and peer learning approach. With support of partners, JunubOS runs activities that nurture youth collaboration, spreading awareness and capacity building workshops on using open educational material resources including the Open Learning guide, open hardware guide and #ASKotec Access to skill knowledge open tech emergency case . To enable environment of productive interactions, local material repurposing, knowledge acquisition or building a network /collaboration base.