Who We Are?

Our Mission

To foster peace and innovation among the youth of South Sudan by providing them with access to education, skills, facilities and opportunities that enable them to explore their talents and creativity.

About Us

Junub Open Space is a community based educational space geared towards peace building among youth through knowledge exposure, providing access to facilities that enhance skills. JOS avail platform for exploring talents and creativity makership, knowledge for resilient and self-reliant youth and children in South Sudan. JOS was formed in 2016 and was legally registered in March 2017 as a national non-profit organization with registration number 1382 under Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in supporting youth empowerment and innovation culture in South Sudan.


JunubOS has worked with both national, international and UN Agencies such as rOg Agency for open culture and critical transformation implementing Access to Skills and Knowledge Network project (ASKnet) with Funds from German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and International Cooperation (BMZ), UNDP South Sudan, UNFPA, Y GLOBAL South Sudan, Inter-University council for East Africa, Start-Hub Africa and others and Junub Open Space is part of national regional and international networks such as Together For Inclusion, Access to skills and knowledge network (ASKnet), Afrilabs, I4Policy Foundation and Global innovation Gathering.


Our Belief.

“We belief that innovation and work force development area major pathways to solving the world’s most pressing socio-economic problems thus must be considered a global emergency.


We give wealth creation the same global attention like disease epidemics, disaster reliefs, protection, post conflicts reconstruction, global resource need to significantly focus on such efforts”

Our Core Values

Junub Open Space officials and members shall demonstrate concern, commitment and compassion among others to respond and work with honesty and sincerity for the success of the organization premised on the following core values; Diversity of cultures; Non-discrimination, integrity, trustworthiness, professionalism, knowledge sharing, Respect, commitment, faithfulness, open culture, comprehensive approach, partnership, accountability, responsibility and community amongst others of which a few is explained below;      

  •   Open Culture JOS team believes in open culture and system for community development, socio-economic impact and growth.
  • Comprehensive approach JOS works through a comprehensive approach of both delivering service and impacting the community led programs towards development
  • Partnership JOS shall work alongside with diverse partners from regional and international levels to build stronger local communities and response to community led programs towards development.
  • Accountability JOS has the highest level in record keeping, honesty and loyal in reporting data accurately related to our mission
  • Responsibility JOS has close links to communities and stands in direct contact to access possible emerging needs and is quick to address them.
  • Community JOS is an idea of team work; a community and cooperative consortium for creation of larger communities towards community development