Our Projects

Peace Building

Salaam Fi Bet (Peace At Home)

#SalaamFiBet (Peace at Home) is a project that strive for a more peaceful and inclusive society by enhancing intercultural dialogue, social cohesion, positive masculinity, peacebuilding and cultural diversity. The project engages various groups and individuals in the country, such as youth, women, religious leaders, media professionals and civil society organizations in different activities and platforms that foster mutual understanding, respect and cooperation.

Economic Empowerment

Story Lab

Storylab is a project that aims to equip youth with the skills and knowledge to create and share their own stories using various media platforms and tools. The project trains youth on media literacy, podcasting, script writing, content development and management, digital marketing, social media management, blogging, radio presenting and filmmaking.

Kids Art Therapy

Kids Art Therapy

The Kids Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses creative activities to help children cope with trauma, develop self-esteem, and improve communication skills. This project aims to explore the benefits and challenges of art therapy for children who have experienced various forms of adversity, such as abuse, neglect, violence, or loss. The project will involve conducting a literature review, designing and implementing an art therapy program for a group of children, and evaluating the outcomes using qualitative and quantitative methods. The project will also address the ethical and practical issues involved in working with children and their families in a therapeutic setting. The project hopes to contribute to the existing knowledge and practice of art therapy for children and to provide evidence-based recommendations for future interventions

To foster peace and innovation among the youth of South Sudan by providing them with access to education, skills, facilities and opportunities that enable them to explore their talents and creativity.